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Beat name Rating Standard Premium Tracked out
Rainy Day
Pull the Trigger
Teenage Love
Music Box (w.Drama)
Robot Oil
Robot Oil (w.Drama)
Never Give Up
My Territory
Mission to Rock (DnB)
Music Box
Last Letter
Just 4U
I'll catch you
I am The Duke
Granular Rain
Gangsta Boss
Funky Monkey
African Jing Jang
Another Castle
Another Castle (w.Drama)

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Limitless non-commercial use.

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Sell your music through digital media such as iTunes and CD Baby, or in a physical form – CD or DVD. ).
CD Quality: WAV (16 bit, 44.1 kHz).
Maximum profit gain: $5000.
Limitless non-commercial use.

Price: $79.95

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Get more control over your mix and make it more precise with ease.
Studio Quality: Grouped WAV tracks
(24 bit, 44.1 kHz).
Limitless profit gain.
Limitless non-commercial use.

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Grand Beats is the website where you can buy beats. Our main goal is helping you, the artist, to create a work of art by combining your talent with our music. The website offers a simple way to order the music of your choice: Hip hop, RnB, pop, rock, ambiental and others. After only a few clicks you are ready to download beats. They will be on your hard drive in a matter of seconds. After you make your song with our beat, you can sell it, use it for mixtapes and share it on social networks. Every beat is professionally mixed and produced.

QmYaan is a composer, music producer and a Master electrical engineer. He has been engaged in music for over ten years. Being a DJ, has helped him to get the experience in many different and new music genres. This experience combined with his musicality has resulted in a blend of electronic and acoustic music.

He has been an active composer and a music producer for the last five years. During this period he has cooperated with many artists from the world of music, as well as photography, painting, fashion design, dancing and others. The success of it can be seen in many rewards and commendations. He even worked as a mentor in music production and composition.